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A few Cloverfield thoughts
Posted on Feb 3, 2008 in Film

Me and Chovi caught Cloverfield on Friday and I thought I would share some thoughts on it (mild spoilers ahead), I’d been looking forward to seeing the trailer last July. In fact you can track my interest from the thread in the forum.

First note is if you don’t shaky cam TV or films (e.g. Battlestar Galatica, Bourne Supermacy, etc), then is is not the film for you epically if the person you are seeing it with has poor vision and insists on sitting near the front.

I really enjoyed the film, as it is a such a great concept a Monster movie without the cliches, presidents, scientists or cute children. It’s a Godzilla movie from the perspective of the people in street who are running away screaming before the plastic tanks turn up. Please note I love Japanese Godzilla movies, ‘Destroy all monsters’ is a particular favourite.

Anyway as I stated the it’s the little people who are the focus of this movie, and what great about them is that they are well developed and behave in a realistic manor. I hate how in a lot of movies, people barely escape death or see a horrendous site just movie on the next scene with no real signs ofpsychological reaction to these events. In Cloverfield it’s not like that for example, after seeing the monster a rather shell shocked Marlena whispers an unbelieving ‘It’s eating people’ and stays in her shell for most of the film until coaxed out of it be the hapless Hud, who in my humble opinion is the star of this film, despite being behind the camera for most of it.

I even liked the romance between the pretty boy and pretty girl films leads as it was mostly done via a back story which is wonderfully shown as flash backs in the most ingenuous way.

Of course the film wasn’t perfect, after several months of speculation the monster it self was rather disappointingly non iconic, so much so I wonder if it could have done with a little less screen time. Also speaking of the monster, do you think it shared the same route map as the protagonists? They seem to bump into each other a lot, unless Manhattan is a lot smaller than I originally thought. Other gripes include the deaths of Marlena (she just explodes?) and Hud (who is not eaten?) and finally the short running time it’s 85 minutes long and twenty of those minutes seem to be the end credits.

However all in all I thought the film was excellent, it left me wanting more and now, of course their is now talk of a sequel.

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