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Posted on Feb 12, 2008 in Life

You may of heard in the news about the ferry running aground off Blackpool well as you may know I sometime work away in the area, so on Friday Bill, Chris and I decided to pop over and have a look at the boat at lunch time. The tide was in, so it does look quite as much of a fail boat as I’d hoped. You can see more pictures in Bill’s Facebook profile.


I said In a recent blog post I said need to get around to doing my New years resolutions post. Well lets just cut to the chase, I’ve set lots of goals which I’m probably going to go no where near hitting, but hey, it doesn’t hurt to try, does it?

In Blog news, I’m working on a completely new design for the site, I’ve fixed the links to Comments (in case you had not noticed all the links where broken) and I’m working on a new and hopefully interesting new feature.

This weeks C64 music releated news is the are C64 Orchestra are looking for people to tell them which Rob Hubbard and Jeroen Tel track to play next, and the date for the Remixer of the year show on SLAY Radio has been confirmed as Sunday 17th, 20:00 CET and it will be presented by Slitz and Kenz.

Readers of Scrib’s blog will notice his joy at the return on Cheery coke, which I celebrated during this weekend foods shopping by buying a Diet Cherry Coke. I also notice these Coke bottles as well;

Healthy pop?

Healthy coke, I mean, who are they trying to kid?

Finally, just to a quick not to say the member of the ObscureInternet forum are continuing to reproduce, this time we send our congratulations to Noscere.

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