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Easter Holidays 2008
Posted on Mar 31, 2008 in Gaming, Holidays, Life, Transformers

Well my holidays are well and truly over, as I returned to the working world today. The holidays where good, even if I didn’t get everything done that I wanted to do. My Mother and Sister were visiting Middlesbrough during this time, so I spent a far bit of time visiting them.

During Easter we usual try and get Conor as few chocolate eggs as possible, so we buy him a little present instead. This year he got ‘Wii Play’ with a Wii remote, so we can two play games (like Wii Sports) together, and with the money he got from relatives over Easter he bought himself Classic Controller so he can play his Virtual console games. Pokémon Snap is a favourite of his, as he is quitebizarrely still Pokémon mad.

Oh, I gave myself a big of a treat over Easter too, Ebay give me one of the those vouchers of my next purchased. So I bought this;


For the less geeky of you, it’s a ‘Transformers Animated Starscream’ which quite a difficult figure to get hold of (I don’t even think they are out in the US yet) and thanks to the Ebay vouchers, I got it a very reasonable price (about 13 quids).

Finally I’m still working on the new design for the blog, which I’m pleased with so far and it should be ready quite(!) shortly.

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