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The joy of Instant Messaging
Posted on Apr 17, 2008 in Blogging, c64, Life, Music, TV

Right, it’s been a long gap since the last blog, because of apathy, illness and work. I Usually would feel bad  about this, but not today for I have two reasons for this. The first reason is this Blogging without Obligation thing, and secondly according to, I’ve got a top blog. –

Aye, a few weeks back I got an email from telling me they have rated my site 8.6 out of ten.

c64GLeN @ at Blogged

My first thought is this some sort of con, as My blog is a bit rubbish and I’m not a good blogger by any means, but after checking the site it seems real enough, so I shall except the complaint with good faith and continue on with my mediocre bloggings.

Oh, I haven’t touch the new design of the site for about two weeks, I should really get on with that.

Remember the Secret Santa 2007, Well in a new an exciting development I’ve finally eaten the chewing gum. (Hey, that’s 8.6 out of ten blogging right there).

I had the old Amiga 1200 set up at the weekend, testing it out with the video capture card I’ve got. It is almost working perfectly using composite outputs except I’ve got a big border on the left hand of screen, which pushes the right hand side of the side of screen. I’m going to try routing through the TV and then using an S-Video cable to see if that resolves the border issue next weekend. If it does, I’ll be uploading some video of my old programming project like Plorrds, to YouTube.

VSometime you forget how good thing the simple things are. I’d forgotten how good Instant message could be until early this week when I had a couple of conversations that made me both laugh and relieve a some good memories. The first conversion with was with the forum’s Lazarus, but it was one of those you had to be there moments which had me laughing for a good 15 minutes and the second conversion was with my old flat mate Baz, in which we discussed out favourite C64 loading musics (Miami Vice), Max Headroom remix (Mahoney and Trace) David Whittaker track (Super Robin Hood, Trantor), and when I sent him Mike Post’s ‘The Rockford Files’ music (from the Favourite TV theme tune thread in the forum) we then got in discussed how great the theme from ‘V The original Mini-series’ was and how the show is better than V The Final Battle, and appalling cack ‘V – The Series’. Also did you know a ‘V – The Second Generation’ is in production, set twenty after the original mini-series and will ignore the other follow on shows? I have a feeling the new show will be a bit gash, but hey, I’m hoping I’m wrong. Anyway I’ve gone of topic, so to summarise Instant Message can be great and not just all ‘How R U?’.

Ironically I was listening to a remix of Max Headroom on Slayradio while typing the above, this time it was Wobbler’s mix which is also excellent, but was one we forgot to mention.

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