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Video did NOT kill the radio star
Posted on Apr 3, 2008 in c64, Music

Despite many years of predictions of the demise of radio, I like many other people still enjoy listening to radio. I’ll usually listen in the car to either Radio 1, if Scott Mills or Chris Moyles are on, or to Radio 5 for the news and sport. I also download the podcasts of these shows so I can listen to when I’m at home or on my MP3 enabled phone, although I’ve got a huge backlog of Podcasts to listen to.

When I’m at home I listen to some Internet radio stations, Slay Radio being my both my favourite and the one I listen to most. SLAY Radio is a Internet-only radio station dedicated to playing remixes of music from the Commodore 64 computer. It has a dedicated following and a number of DJs playing live shows where DJs and fans come together in an chatroom while on air.

Yesterday turned about to be a great day for Radio listening. I was working from home so I could have the Radio on without disturbing anyone else.

webcam.jpgMy listening started with The Anna & Mazipan Mid-Week Mid-Morning Madness which is on every Wednesday 10am to 12pm and is described as TWO HOURS of car crash radio LIVE from Kilburn, London. Anna Black and Mazipan make it up as they go along and play some of the best in never-heard-ever-type music, have proper comedy chat and lots and lots more bickering about tea, biscuits and bananas. I try and listen to the show as often as possible as it is always great fun.

Later that I was surprise to hear there was going to be an impromptu show on at four o’clock called ‘Special Service’ which is special edition of the Sunday Service, which is unsurprising usually on a Sunday, presented Live from The Church in Amsterdam with Reyn Ouwehand and co-host by Leoni. The show involves listeners making requests for tracks with a style to play them in and then Reyn plays them on his collection of instruments live and single handled (but with both hands).

I usually turn up late for shows on slay radio because of the combination of having a life (it is always getting in the way of my fun) and my poor planning. However I turn up early for this show and I was able to get my request in early meaning it was the first one Reyn played, after a little bit of technical trouble.

webcam.jpgThe show didn’t have many requests because the song requester in the IRC chat room was broken, so I requested another track Nemesis the Warlock. Reyn played a beautiful mellow piano version as the last tack and winding down part of the show. I really would recommend you download the show, even if it is just to listen to that track it is inspired. (I’m listening again while I’m typing this)

The final show of the day on Slayradio was BBB (Boz’s Bit o’ Bollocks) which is a weekly show that is broadcast on every Wednesday at 7PM (UK time) hosted by Boz. The emphasis is getting the listeners involved, by playing their requests, talking about them on air and interacting with them on IRC and it really has to be heard to be believed. I got another request played on this show and Boz was kind enough to plug plug my YouTube videos.

I’ll be listening to Slay Radio again tonight (although I will miss the first half the show due to other commitments) as it’s Ziphoid’s final show on Slay Radio and he has a big surprise that is well worth tuning in for.

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