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The I bought a Wii Fit update
Posted on May 20, 2008 in Fitness, Gaming

You know how I mentioned in the last update that I was feeling good about a few trips I had made to the gym, well in the forum I’d also been mulling over a buying a Wii Fit to help me get in shape. So a couple of weeks ago, a bit the bullet and ordered one from the Internet, (as none where available in stores), and I am happy I did, because it’s great.

I think the best thing about it is ability to track your weight and BMI on a daily basis, which is something I’ve been waiting to be able to do for a while. I’ve been going on it every day (except the weekend) since we got it. I’m finding the Yoga and Muscle exercises are very difficult, I even got a zero score on the yoga breathing exercise.

I’m using for 20-45 minutes a day at the moment. I started with the balance games a first to improve my balance, the football heading game is great fun, then the Aerobic before giving the Yoga and Muscle workouts a proper go.

Speaking of the Aerobic workouts, I have a guilty secret. I really enjoy the step exercises, I have been playing the basic and advanced mode every day. I’ve also being doing the Hula Hoop exercise daily today, this is one I find very difficult but I persevere because I think my hips need the workout.

The only thing I haven’t really tried more than once is the jogging as I think jogging on the spot is a waste of time and incredible stupid looking.

Since starting, my weight has moved a great deal, it’s been moving up and down (mostly up) by a maximum of 2 pounds.

I’ll shall keep you updated on my progress.

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