Glen McNamee
The Ultimates
Posted on May 25, 2008 in Comics

It’s been a quiet week, I spent one enjoyable evening last night with a few bottle of beer while reading ‘The Ultimates’ and I must say what a great comic it is, the best I’ve read. I couldn’t put it down, it has some genuine laugh out loud moments with ‘The hulk’ who seems to be a lot nastier than is normal counterpart, eating people and having a sexual appetite. The only problem I had with it’s the weak arsed post-Iraq war anti-French sentiment. We are suppose to believe that a man who fought side by side with the French resistance during the second world war would be making jokes because of France’s reservations, which have been completely justice, about invading Iraq?

I’ve been keeping up the daily Wii Fit session, but I’m still taking a break at the weekend. Wednesday I did about 40 minutes of mostly Yoga and Muscle workouts. Thursday I did all the yoga and thirteen of the Muscle workouts (I’m not ready for the challenges yet) and on Friday I did 30 minutes of Aerobic workout. Haven’t lost any weight yet mind.

Finally I’m on holiday again next week, I am not sure why I’m on holiday, you’ll have to ask the wife.

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