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A new blogging era
Posted on Jun 21, 2008 in Blogging

Hello everyone and welcome to my new blog! I do hope you noticed the big change, if you haven’t or you are new to the blog, I’ve changed both the design and the blogging software.

I’ve been working on the new blog for ages because the old one was a out of date with a design I’ve had for number of years and only the basic of features. So I wanted to have a completely new design, add a load of new features, such as tags and tidy up the database (which was original written in 2002 when I was just starting out with MySQL). However programming this was taking a long time and I was having trouble programming the new features.

So last night I had a moment of inspiration, and I decide I would take the bold step and move to the WordPress blogging platform. I call it a bold step because before this the blog was completely programmed (in PHP and MYSQL) by myself, I originally started the blog to learn PHP and get back into programming again. However, I can now continue to keep active with as I’ve programmed that in a similar fashion to the old blog, however the code was only recently updated and is lot more robust.

The reason I’ve decide to move to the WordPress platform is because it offers all the new features I wanted to add to the old blog, like tags, new archive, and most importantly it offers an easy way of adding and editing posts which is something I was struggling with when using my old handmade blog.

The change over to WordPress has been quite easy. I’ve been able to migrate all the old blog posts (all 469 of them) across using the RSS import feature, all the old comments have been lost (but I had broken the comments system during the re-programming anyway so it’s not a massive loss). It was also quiet easy to get the template looking how I wanted it, as the design was working on had a bit of WordPress theme to it. The biggest downside is that some of the links to popular posts from searching engines with no longer work.

I’ll probably still work on a few more things with the blog in the coming weeks, as I’m not happy with everything yet (especially the new logo).


  1. Bill says:

    It looks better and it’s a nice and honest as ever. Please proof read tho. I’ll assist if necessary.

  2. Scribbler says:

    Good for you! I moved to WordPress almost two years ago and haven’t looked back. Let me know if you want to know which plugins I use, etc.

  3. […] has switched from his old bespoke weblog software to WordPress. Hurrah!. In other news, there isn’t any. The weather is crap, so I haven’t taken any photos. […]

  4. Glen McNamee says:

    Cheers, Scribbler.

    Haven’t looked at widgets yet, do you use any?

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