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Moviated without Tea.
Posted on Jun 29, 2008 in Fitness, Life

Hello All, It’s been a busy few days but I’ve got a quick post for you that I’ve been wanting to post since Wednesday.

I’ve had a increase in motivation lately. I’ve been getting up early every weekday morning (because I currently need to start work at 8.15 at the latest),  I’ve been drinking a lot less tea (down from a minimum of six cups to a maximum of three a day) and a lot more water. I’m drinking more water mainly because I’m doing a lot more exercises. As well as doing more than thirty minutes Wii Fit everyday, I’m also giving the hundredpushups a try, as I hope you’ve already noticed.  I had planned to complete week one by now, however I wasn’t too well on Friday and therefore wasn’t able to complete day three, so I’m going to start week one again on Monday.

The other thing to have excited me in the last week or so, is blogging. Since I installed WordPress I’ve been typing up lots of posts, most of them are still in draft but I’m enjoying blogging like I haven’t done for a long long time, so look out for more posts coming soon.

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