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The third Legoland trip.
Posted on Jun 4, 2008 in Holidays, Lego

Hi all, holidays are now over and I’m back at home, but I’ll tell you about the family latest trip to Legoland

We drove down on last Friday afternoon, but thanks to traffic we arrived a little too late get into with the park so we checked into the hotel and settled in there instead. As this hotel is close to Legoland there was loads of kids in the hotel, so Conor had plenty of people to play with and he made a few friends in the hotels play area. Later Conor and me had a little swim in the pool, well he played in the pool and I sat in the hot tub. My sister checked into the hotel later in the evening as she was joining us for the trip.

We drove from the hotel to Legoland on early on Saturday morning, and walked straight passed most of the queues thanks to our annual passes. We headed straight to the new viking area which was now open (after considerable delays), but the park newest and largest ride Viking Splash wasn’t working.

Highlight of weekend #1 for me was queuing for Pirate Falls, as while the adults are queuing the kids have a special area where they can play and build with duplo bricks. Obvious, I played in the area rather than queue, so Conor and (almost completely) myself built a very tall tower.

Duplo Tower

This is the first version of the tower, we built a couple poor versions after the originals fell down. The final version was much better which a lot stronger base and therefore had at lot less wobble, which plagued earlier designed.

We had a good go of the rides including the Dragon coaster and Viking Splash (when it was finally working). We also caught the new Johnny Thunder show (Johnny Thunder and revenge of the Aztec queen) and the Lego Racer 3D movie in the Imagination theatre.

On Saturday Night we returned to the hotel we caught the ‘Britain’s got talent’ final at the hotel (as the wife was watching it) and I must say well done to the winner on his genius idea of coping a three year old television advert and being much whiter than the other dancers.

On Sunday, we picked of the few rides we didn’t get to yesterday, before settling off to drive back home again. We headed straight to Viking splash to see if we could have another go but it was broke again, but we did get on the Jungle coaster and the Dragon coaster again.

The Highlight of weekend #2 for me was the Build and test centre, which is a place where you can again build stuff with Lego bricks, but this time the idea is to build cars and race them on a special made track.

Conor's car

This is Conor’s car, which he built with the help of his mother (I was too busy with mine), it was a good design and he won a few races with it.

The Bus

This is mine, nicknamed (by myself) ‘The Bus’. It was built on the premise that heaver is better, which turned out to be good tactic as it won a large number of races and then races it didn’t win it took out a number of other cars. The kids didn’t stand a chance against ‘The Bus’.

Disappointingly the Lego shop didn’t have any new key rings, I was hoping for a new Indiana Jones keyring. I wife had even managed to buy me a sneaky Gift at the Lego shop, but I’ll cover that in another post.


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