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My Top 10 Games of all Time
Posted on Jul 19, 2008 in c64, Gaming

Inspired by a post in the forum I decide to see if I could pick my ten favourite games of all time. It’s been very difficult choosing, but here they are in no particular order.

Gordan FreemanHalf Life

The Half Life series is a definite FPS series. To create a single FPS games that is outstanding and ground breaking is a great achievement but to create three (Half life, Half Life 2 and Portal) is nothing short of amazing (and that’s not including the Half Life 1 Spin offs and Half Life 2 episodes). We are all waiting impatiently for Half Life 2 Episode 3


Counterstrike is my favourite On line game and then only one I play on a semi-regular basis. An multi-player FPS game without instant respawning an endless supply of ammo makes this game the thinking player’s multi-player shooter.

Command and Conquer gamesCommand & Conquer

Westwood invented RTS (real time strategy) games with Dune 2, and then under the Command & Conquer brand they turned into a brilliant franchise. I have loved pretty much all of Command & Conquer games except for Tiberian Sun, even after Westwood disappeared into the behemoth that is EA.


This was a game you could start at 6pm one evening for a few turns and then you would discover it was 6am the next morning. I did this myself on the Amiga version in the 90’s, and have been doing it again recently on the DOS based version. I find the newer versions to be too bloated to be as much fun.

Championship Manager

I spent a lot of the mid 90’s playing this Championship Manager 93/94 on the Amiga, in one, two and three player modes . I find the newer version of the game to be to far too complex and demanding of my attention and time, but this game will always hold a special place in my heart.

Grand Theft Auto

A lot has already been written about the Grand Theft Auto series, but the best thing about all these games is the ability to freely roam in a large city environment and of course the ability to commit crimes and random acts of violence. It’s a very therapeutic experience, it almost makes up for the huge delay in releasing the games on the PC.

Final Fantasy VII CastFinal Fantasy VII

This is the Game the Introduced myself and the rest of the Western world into Japanese RPG games and changed the face of gaming, also the only game to spawn a movie follow on.

Stephen Spielberg said in 2004 “I think the real indicator [that games have become a storytelling art form] will be when somebody confesses that they cried at level 17”. Which just goes to show how Spielberg knows little about gaming and nothing about about the death of Aeris.

Tomb Raider

Another game that had a huge impact, taking a Prince of Persia genre of games from the two to three dimensions and giving the PlayStation a must have flagship title.  The sad part of the Tomb Raider is Lara Crofts laughably overly large breasts and the publicity they attracted in the mainstream media which still last today could be the thing the game is best remembered for.


I had to pick a Commodore 64 game for this list, and choosing one was a very difficult thing to do (so much so I’m going to do a post about my favourite C64 games). However after a long battle Wizball came out on top. It won, not just because of the game’s bold originality (there still isn’t a game like it today), it’s great graphics or it’s brilliant Martin Galway soundtrack (The game over tune make a great message alert for my mobile phone) but because of it’s sheer playability. A game so good it won ZZAP!64 magazines’ Game of the Decade.

Wizball ScreenshotTurrican 2

I also had to choose a Commodore Amiga game, and again choosing one was a very difficult thing to do (look out for a post about my favourite Amiga games too). Turrican 2 is very well qualified for this list. It has brilliant graphics, an awesome soundtrack by Chris Hülsbeck, great level design, huge end of level bosses, varied game play (One level is a side scrolling shoot’em up) and amazing playability.

I struggled over this list for weeks, so excuse me if I missed something out. I suspect Super Mario Galaxy would have made this list if I’d play it a little more over the passed few weeks. Look out for more top game lists coming soon.

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