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Commodore C64 Bomb Jack and Matchday II Videos
Posted on Aug 24, 2008 in c64, Music

Regular readers will know that a while ago I tried my hand at making a bit of music, specifically remixing a couple of Commodore 64 tunes. Well recently I’ve quickly knocked up videos for these tunes and uploaded them on to Youtube

Bomb Jack was the first tune I did, and is available to download on and is on the Slay Radio playlist, not bad for a tune I did just to play with FLstudio.

Matchday II was a much less sucessful attempt, despite spending a year (on and off) creating the track, it was rejected by SlayRadio and isn’t on the SlayRadio playlist (although it has made it on the lesser Radio Stations)

The videos contains actual Commodore 64 game footage, only speed up a little bit.

Hope you enjoy them.


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  2. Ugo Capteo says:

    what’s your take on Matchday 2 vs Emlyn Hughes International Soccer? I am a big fan of Matchday 2 mehself.

  3. Glen McNamee says:

    Good questions Ugo, and think they are both good football games.

    Gameplay wise I prefer Emlyn Hughes International Soccer as I found Matchday 2 a little too slow (The video above is actually speeded up) that being said I think the Manager side of Matchday 2 was a lot better. Also despite Emlyn Hughes having a similar bit of music by Barry Leitch, Matchday 2 had the better music.

  4. wasn’t the music on matchday 2 an 8-bit rendition of “when the saints go marching in”? indeed, matchday 2 was probably the slowest game on the planet but player control is amazing, especially headers from corners. have you tried using kaillera and ccs64 to play against other humans via the web?

  5. Glen McNamee says:

    “When the saints” would playing during the matches, the tune I liked was the one that played in the menu system. The Video above has a remixed version of that tune.

    I’m not tried kaillera yet, I’ll have to check it out. Thanks.

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