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It’s Post 500!
Posted on Oct 28, 2008 in Blogging, Life

This blog has has passed two very big milestones recently. Firstly the move from ObscureInternet to it’s own domain ( and it’s seventh Birthday, which was on August 8th. Yes, this blog is over seven years old, isn’t that amazing! These two milestones seems to be a great excuse, to me at least, to have a retrospective look at some of  my favourite posts and some of the of the more important and vaguely interesting posts I’ve made.

My first blog post was made on August 8th 2001 and it was pretty terrible. This new blog, hosted on the free webspace I got from NTL, was inspired by Scribbler’s blog. I obviously hadn’t grasped that blog should be a little more interesting than a single line, and unfortunately I wouldn’t for a good few years after.

On March 27th 2002, I still I hadn’t got the grips of multi-line updates but I had managed to move the the blog from the NTL webspace to it’s own little home on ObscureInternet.

The first significant thing I blogged about was my Leaving StarTek which I managed to wrote a paragraph about. I also have another post about this when I found my leaving card five years later.

There was not a long for the next update of note, as it was posted the very next day, and in it talk about when I abseiled from Middlesbrough’s Transporter Bridge. I even have pictures.

A manage another paragraph about the day I Joined EDS. The wife’s car getting wrote off gets couple of paragraphs.

Surprisingly My Stag trip to Rotterdam is actually detailed over three rather large posts.

A brief mention confirms my wedding did happen, before I go on to give a more detailed account of the day,

I blog about my first attempt to sell some items on Ebay, but mostly in the hope someone reading it will buy the items. This was a successful sale for me, probably my most successful ever on Ebay,  as I managed to sell all the items and get a decent price for all of them.

My son’s disagreement with a dog is covered briefly in Conor Vs Stupid Dog. He still bares a scar from the encounter now, but you now would barely notice it. 

Middlesbrough FC winning the Carling Cup and resultant victory parade in 2004 gets a mention in a three different posts.

I’m a big fan of Commodore 64 remixes, so in March 2004 I decided I would have an attempt to create by own remix of a commodore 64 tune to see if I get it on and Slay Radio, I even got Anthony Putson to do the mixing for me. When it was finished I couldn’t upload it to as it was having problems, so I posted a preview version on the blog. It was played on Slay radio during the Z-Show, however the remix was rejected by and therefore never did make it on to Slay radio’s proper play list. However a few months later, a tune I put together just to test out FLStudio was accepted on and is still on Slay radio play-list. Recently I’ve created videos for these two tracks and uploaded them to YouTube

In June 2005 I have to idea to create a Konnie Huq Fan site to bring a bit of advertising revenue, a few months late when Zoe salmon joins the show she gets her own fansite too. –  This did bring a trickle of advertising revenue until they both appeared on Fame Academy Comic Relief (in two separate years) when the new of page views exploded (as did my bandwidth, passing the ISPs agreed limits) bringing in a health amount of money. I would eventually go on to sell both sites for next to nothing on eBay.

The next post up is Rubber Johnnies, which is a favourite post of mine. It details how the finding of some condoms, reminds me of how I got originally obtained them.

As previously mentioned Computer music has always played a big part in my life, so I when I was in contact with two Amiga Legends, I take a moment to reflect.

Going on holiday and taking exams seems to be a habit of mine, as the next five updates are about; Becoming a MCPA trip Disneyland Trip, then a Trip to Amsterdam – and then both Visiting Dublin/Passing ITIL exam

On of my favourite posts, even if it is only because of the very long title details the second leg of UEFA Cup quarter final between Middlesbrough and Basel. However the post about the final is definitely not a favourite.

Making my first appearance in a podcast. I made a few appearances in the Hanslsland podcast, which for some strange reason stopped being updated shortly after. After podcasting, I thought it was time that I should make my first video Blog on YouTube.

In a rare post about the boy, I discuss his first karate grading.

My only, and therefore favourite, movie review post is The Transformers movie review. This post caused my first proper negative blog comment. Look out for my preview of the sequel soon.

Legoland is definately a reoccuring them on this blog, so after this post I will not mention it again. Conversely buying a car isn’t something I blog about all the time.

My obsession with myself is explored further in a post about the results of Facebook Compare People Application and another obsession, my Radio listening habits, are discussed in Video did not kill the radio star 

As you’ve no doubt realised I’ve never really rated myself as much of a blogger, so it was a surprise when I got the message that I had been rated a good blog in one of my favourite posts of recent times. 

Recently I’ve been blogging about fitness a lot, and it is mainly due to The I bought a Wii Fit update and starting onehundredpushups

When I decide to tidy up the MYSQL database that I use for the blog, a Comments Boob happens. This is one of the reason I moved to WordPress, I think it no overstatement to say moving to WordPress platform has been the start of a new blogging era for this blog. It certainly has made blogging a lot easier for me and inspired the move to

Well that’s my favourite and most Interesting posts. Some of the more Popular Posts according to the website statistics are threw which like out to other sites; Magic Trevor 3I’ve got a big bag of Crabs here, and  How to tie a tie. The most popular non-linked post is a post I called ‘that updated’

Being a bit of rubbish blogger and a quiet shy bloke (honestly) there is loads of stuff that has happened in my life that I didn’t blog about. Stuff like; The wife’s miscarriage, getting engaged, nearly getting sacked because of the some blog postings (now deleted), losing god, becoming a panthesit, my fathers death, my sisters cancer, and that secret thing I’ve got going on. Maybe I’ll blog about these things someday. I do however promise to try and blog about all the important stuff in the future.

So what do you think of the blog so far? Do you have any favourite posts I haven’t mentioned? Please leave me a comment.

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