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Another new blog design.
Posted on Nov 10, 2008 in Blogging, c64

Yes, in case you’ve hadn’t noticed by now I’ve tweaked the design again, and this time I’m happy with the results. 

Here’s a little sneak preview of design for those of you reading the RSS feed. Also when I change the design again this image will also be a nice reminder of how the blog use to look. I’ve changed the design a number of times, but I’ve never really saved screenshots of the previous design, so I can’t really look at the evolution of the site. only gives a few of the old designs, and the images (such as the old logos) are missing.


The new design is an attempt to reflect the C64 part of C64Glen. It’s a lot more blue and it uses the Commodore 64 font in the main logo.

The blog is now running using WordPress 2.7 beta 2, and must say, I have been impressed by new dashboard interface and functionality. The only downside is the Blog Stats are missing from the main dashboard screen.

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