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The US election, Bonfire Night and Fitness
Posted on Nov 7, 2008 in Fitness, Life

It’s been an interesting week, first of all we’ve had the end to all the nonsense in the USA. Yes, the US election finally came to an end on Tuesday. I stayed up, until after three o’clock in the morning, to watch all the fun on the BBC, and also to actually see if Obama would win. Obviously Obama was favourite to win, but given the nature of Americans, I had to see it before I would believe it. Thanks to the BBC excellent coverage, I did see it and even that idiot John Bolton didn’t manage to spoil it.

Wednesday was Bonfire night. This year rather than go to an organised display, Conor and I walked around the local estate visiting the various fires that had been assembled by the local children and the unemployable. This was something I haven’t done in a long time, and it was an interesting experience. It is just like a organised  display except people go these Bonfire in there pyjamas, and the fires are mostly built out of Wheelie Bins (which burn surprisingly well), garden fences and old household furniture. In conclusion I really should move.

Finally today’s Wii Fit weigh showed that I have lost 3lb pounds in the last two weeks, which is weird because I haven’t had time for either Wii Fit or the hundredpushups thing in those two weeks.

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