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Christmas 2008 and The Secret
Posted on Dec 23, 2008 in Life

It’s only a few days away, but I’ve nearly got Christmas all sorted. I just need to wrap the wife’s presents up.  Wrapping things up is definitely not one of my talents, but it’s something I’ve managed to get better at over the last few years. Mind you, when you start as poorly I as did you can only get better. I used to get mother to do all wrapping for me, this however is no longer an opinion.

The healthly get fit lifestyle is on hold over Christmas, while I stuff my face with as much junk as possible. I shall be doing the new years resolutions thing again this year, and so I imagine getting fit and health will be high on that list again this year.  The one benefit of having that ‘killer’ virus last weeks, was managed to lose five pounds. 

I suppose it’s time to reveal that secret thing that I’ve had going on for the last couple of years. It’s no big deal, I do karate. There you go, I told you it was no big deal.


  1. Scribbler says:

    I can’t understand why you kept it a secret.

    Soooo, what belt?

  2. Vicky says:

    I lost my “mojo” for Christmas about a week before christmas. I’m glad to say I got “it” back 2 days before Christmas morning.

  3. Glen McNamee says:

    I should really sort out threaded comments.


    I kept it a secret from pretty much everyone, because I thought certain mates and myself probably would have been a dick about it. As for the belt, I’ve passed my Brown Belt grading just before Christmas, that’s part of the reason for me coming out.


    Glad to hear you got yours back. My Mojo is officially on Holiday until January 5th,

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