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Copenhagen and the ‘Killer Virus’
Posted on Dec 17, 2008 in Life

I’ve been having an interesting time, which can should split into two contrasting parts. The good part was a work related to trip to Copenhagen and the bad part was this rather nasty virus I returned home with.

Mind you, the trip to Copenhagen wasn’t all plain sailing, and not just because I flew there. My original and direct flight from Newcastle was cancelled, so I had to book another. The new flights I booked were via Amsterdam, so they added another four hours on to my flight time, however on the bright side they only seat they had left were in business class, so I did travel in style even though all I try and do is sleep when I’m flying. Also the fancy food they tried to give me on the flight involved eating little dead things, with faces, which I’m not into.

I didn’t even get to see a lot of Copenhagen when I got there, as I was a very tight schedule and It was dark when I arrived. What I did see (outside of the docklands industrial estate) looked lovely. I did however, have a good meal and some drinks in a great little bar after (I have no idea what these places are called or where they are). So, hopefully I can make another trip to Copenhagen soon.

Now as I alluded to earlier, returning home wasn’t great as I, and the rest of my family, have been suffering with this virus which seems to spreading making a rapid grand tour around Britian (at least according to the tabloids, which is where I got the title ‘Killer Virus’ from).  I spent most the entire weekend either in bed or lying on the sofa watching TV (a big change in habit for me).  I missed taking the boy and the niece to the Christmas Panto and a Christmas Party. Making my Christmas party count for this year now officially Zero.


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