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Looking back on 2008
Posted on Jan 2, 2009 in Life

As is normal for a lot of people to do at this time of year, I have been looking back over the last twelve months of my life to see what has changed. Disappointingly I’ve come to conclusion that not a lot has changed, I have not made any sugnificent progress in a many areas of my life. 

I guess the problem is I’m too happy with  my life and I’m stuck in my comfort zone.

What progress I have made has been in the area of Fitness. I’ve lost a bit of weight and I am in much better shape and fitness that I was a year ago. This is due to the other area that I’ve made progress over the last twelve months, Karate. I’ve started the year as a Orange belt (7th Kyu) and due a to fair bit of hard work I’ve finished it as a Brown belt (3rd Kyu) 

The other highlights for a rather unremarkable year that I can remember include; 

  • Rediscovering a love for  Marvel Comics.
  • Taking family holidays to Legoland and Ireland. 
  • Travel for work to Copenhagen, Lytham, Tamworth , Colnbrooke, (other North West Place), Newcastle, and Sheffield
  • Getting another chance to make a fool of myself in public with Karaoke
  • Brought in partners to help take ObscureInternet forward 
  • My sister’s battle with cancer (agmost othe problems), and my Grannie passing away.
  • Finally finishing The C64Glen Show #5 (Watching that and this and the Outtakes has inspired me to want to do another video).
  • Getting a Wii Fit, and starting to track my weight
  • Starting, but never finishing, onehundredpushups (back in June)
  • Attempting (and failing, natch) to reduce the amount of tea I drink.
  • Mr Wood doing what I thought was  impossible, and becoming a married man.

Finally here is 2008 in somewhat random photos. 


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