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New Years Resolutions 2009
Posted on Jan 2, 2009 in c64, Fitness, Life

After failing to make any proper resolutions last year (I had over one hundred goals, which I failed to turn into a handful of resolutions) and the lack of progress I made in my life in 2008, I am determined to set a some better (and hopefully SMART)  goals for 2009.

So here goes;

Get in Shape 

  • Use gyminee to Monitor weight and help with motivation 
  • Join the Gym.  First Week Go to Gym Once,  Second week Go to Gym twice, Third Week Go to Gym three times, Fourth week Go to gym for Four times. Fifth week Join Gym – get annual membership
  • Follow for three days a week over six weeks. 
  • Continue training for Karate three days a week.
  • Use the Wii fit as often as possible 

Sort Out a Healthy Diet

  • Drink more Water,
  • Drink less Tea. 
  • Increase Protein intake
  • Have a number of set meal times during the day
  • Monitor diet with gyminee.

Sort Out Money

  • Open Joint Bank Account
  • Open Saving Accounts
  • Open Child Saving Account. 
  • Work with wife to Monitor spending. 
  • Examine current company Pension

Be more creative

  • Will broadcast on a Internet Radio show Radio 6581 early in the new year.
  • Blog more often and Contribute more articles to ObscureInternet
  • Attempt to convert Plorrds to Blitzmax
  • Create a publish a Podcast

Stop Procrastinating /Improve Focus -The almost impossible goal that I set ever year.

The plan is for me to update the progress on these goals, and the start of every month, so I’ll see you in February.

Leave some feedback.

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