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Posted on Feb 10, 2009 in c64, Music

The last two weeks and a bit haven’t been as productive as Janurary. My new yeats self improvement quest has been stuttering a little, however I think I’m still moving forward and I’m not going to give up. 

I have been working on some blog postings, I’ve got seventeen other blog posts in draft at the moment, some of them are nearly complete, so you should be seeing them shortly. I’ve also completed a couple of articles for ObscureInternet, the long awaited Review – Remix64 V3 Syntax Error  and F@#K! The 7 rudest twitter account names an article about Twitter.

Speaking of ObscureInternet, which I do oftern, I am current working on a new WordPress template for it. This template is in a magazine style, I’m happy with how it is looking and I’ve learned a far bit about Wordpress while creating it. 

Moving back to Twitter, Twitter has become very popular in the UK lately thanks a number of high profile people using it such as Stephen FryJonathan Ross John CleeseRussell Brand, and Phillip Schofield. I’ve been using twitter for a while. I’ve even made over 964 tweats using it but I’ve actually been really using over the last month. I’ve been connect to lots of new people C64 Music Fan, ObscureInternet, Comic book writers, and a few other people who look interesting. Sadly I can’t make the Newcastle twestival later this week, which I would have liked to do.

Last weekend Scenesat Radio finally went live with a great opening show, which is now available for download, from the new live website. I highly recommend you check it out.


  1. Truck says:

    I don’t suppose you’ve seen the c64 wordpress interface.

    I love it. I know other people who will hate it (:

  2. Glen McNamee says:

    Cheers, Truck. I’d not heard of it until you posted. I’ve checked it out and I like it, but I’m gonna stick with my own custom template.

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