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January’s New Years Resolutions Update
Posted on Feb 1, 2009 in Life

It’s been a difficult month for my new years resolutions, as January always is. Nevertheless I’m focusing on the positive and I believe I have been some progress towards me goals in January,

For Get In Shape I’ve restarted but I’ve been struggling to get past week 3, I’ve Continue training for Karate three days a week (I missed one session all month), I’ve been on the Wii fit fives times, spending around a total three hours training on it.

To improve  my Healthy Diet, I’ve been drinking a lot more water more than 1 litre most days and I’ve reduced my daily tea intake by half to  about 2/3 cups per day 

Regarding Be more creative, I have started to programme Plorrds in Blitzmax which I also attempting to learn and I’m blogging a lot more, posting more often to the ObscureInternet form, and working on a new post for ObscureInternet.

In Improve Focus I’ve have made improvements towards getting up on time (my hardest goal) and have started reading Getting Things Done and The 4-Hour Work Week.

There is still a lot of gaps here, of things I’ve not even started yet (like join a gym) but I’m hoping to make progress on them in the coming months.

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