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February’s New Years Resolutions Update
Posted on Mar 6, 2009 in Life

It’s been another difficult month for my new years resolutions, characterised by massive highs and lows in my moods. Yes, I’ve been a moody bugger, feeling as high as kite and then as lows as the Interest Rate (look a topical joke!)

For Get In Shape I’ve finally complete week 3, but the managed to fail the first day on Week 4. I missed a full weeks karate training while I was on holiday, which actually isn’t a bad thing, as I think it has helped as . The big news is I finally hauled my but to the Gym, just the once so far, but it’s a start I can build on.

My Diet, hasn’t got Healthier in fact I’m probably drinking less water, but I’ve still managed to drink a lot less tea than I used to.

My creativity has been focused on ObscureInternet this month, writing a couple articles, creating a new template and perparing for an all or nothing relaunch. When that is done, I’ll go back to doing Plorrds in Blitzmax.

In Improve Focus I’ve have made some steps towards getting up on time (my hardest goal) and some steps bacj. I have made any progress reading Getting Things Done and The 4-Hour Work Week as I was reading something else, that was less of a chore to read.

So looking forward to March (what’s left of it)  should see me return twice on one week to Gym and see a lot of work on ObscureInternet. I’ll update, on how it goes.

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