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Posted on Apr 4, 2009 in c64, Music, Websites

As anyone who is remotely aware of my existence could tell you, I love the Commodore 64, and I especially love C64 music. In the early 21st Century, thanks to Internet, I found out that there are a lot of other people who share this strange passion. I also discovered there are a large number of websites that are made just for people like me. Over the last few years more and more of these websites have popped up, so I thought I make a list of my favourite sites, and share them with you.

Original C64 music

HVSC – The High Voltage SID Collection – The most complete SID tune collection, containing over 35000 SID files.

SidPlay Linux/Windows/Source – SidPlay MAC – SidPlay iPhone – SID Music player, required to play C64 SID tunes.

Stone Oakvalley’s Authentic SID Collection – MP3 recordings of all SID tunes from all versions of the Commodore 64 SID sound chip.

The SID 6581/8580 Recordings Archive – MP3 recordings of a small selection of popular SID tunes.

Remixed C64 Music – The biggest record label dealing with Commodore 64 music and remixes. The place to go for the best C64 remixes money can buy.  – The definitive guide to free C64 MP3 remakes.

OverClocked ReMix – Video Game Music Community – A video game music community with tons of fan-made remixes and information on video game music on all formats.

Radio Stations

Slay Rradio –  The original C64 radio station dedicated to playing c64 remixes, also has regular live shows were you can request your favourite tunes.

SceneSat Radio  – SceneSat Radio plays music from the demo scene including game remixes, game soundtracks, demotracks, netlabels, and tracks from music compos at demoparties.

The SID Station – An Internet only radio station that plays only Commodore 64 SID music.

c64 bands, artist and remixers

Press Play On Tape – The original and best Commodore 64 Revival Band

Machine Supremacy –  An alternative rock band, who cover various C64 tracks.

Reyn Ouwehand –  C64 musician, former member of Maniacs of Noise and all round genius.

8 Bit Weapon – Duo that plays Commodore 64 and Gameboy music using vintage computers and live drums.

C64 Music News and Community

Remix64 – This site is a portal to the surprisingly unified world of Commodore music remixing and music, containing news, reviews, charts and chat, and this file is your guide to the scene we love.

c64music – A blog about Commodore64 related geek music projects, featuring DIY, schematics, releases, 8bit music bands, retro software reviews, SID based synths. Has been updated in a while.

Commodore 64 Music – A new Commodore 64 Music blog.

That’s it for now, but I’ll be adding further links when I think of them. If you have any suggestions for links to add please leave a comment.


  1. Dr. Bongo says:

    Thank you for putting a link to The SID Station on your c64 music links page. Hope you enjoy the stream 🙂

  2. Glen McNamee says:

    My pleasure. Thanks for the comment.

  3. c64 music says:

    Nice list. I’ve started a blog about C64 music as well.

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