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March’s New Years Resolutions Update
Posted on Apr 4, 2009 in Life

new-year-resolution1Did I say January and Febrary were hard months? Well March could beat both of them up with one hand behind it;s back. My motivation has been ruthlessly murdered. So I’ll keep this one brief;

Get in Shape – Not touched gyminee, only been to the Gym once, and used the wii fit a couple of times. Thankfully I’ve been really getting into training for Karate, and feel I’m making progress there.

Sort Out a Healthy Diet – Haven’t done anything. I suck

Sort Out Money – Nope, nowt here too.

Be more creative – Completed the relanch and the new design. Didn’t blog a much at all, or do much else.

Stop Procrastinating /Improve Focus  – A big fat not nowt. In fact my poor performance with this goal has caused all the problems with all the others.

Oh well, at least April should be a lot better.

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