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April’s New Year Resolution Update
Posted on May 1, 2009 in Life

April was another bad month for my New Year’s Resolutions

So here goes;

Get in Shape

  • Went to the Gym once.
  • Trained for Karate on 11 days.

Sort Out a Healthy Diet

  • Continued to drink more Water,
  • Continued to drink less Tea.

Sort Out Money

  • Nothing

Be more creative

  • Blogged 10 times during the month.

top Procrastinating /Improve Focus

  • Nothing

All in all it was another poor month. I’m putting a project in place to improve this results, I call this Project Awesome. I only have the name so far, but I’m think a project has got to have a good name. Project Awesome, is such a great name, it couldn’t possibly fail, right?

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