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Last Bank Holiday Weekend
Posted on May 10, 2009 in Life

After writing a load of Blog post last last month, I’ve been finding it hard to keep up this pace this month. Here is a post I started last week but I didn’t get any finished, and it’s not very good but bare with me.

As you probably noticed Last weekend was another glorious long bank holiday weekend. Bank holiday weekend are awesome, it’s only a shame they all seem to bunch up at the same time of the year, then again, it’s around this time we have the best weather. So I’ll sit back on the fence on this issue, and make you regret ever starting to read this sentence. Sorry.

Highlights of last weekend included on Saturday Conor again got to go to the Boro match with the school, and got to see Boro comfortably beaten by Man Utd and edge closter to relegation, but he enjoy the day anyway. While he was at the match the wife and I did a bit of clothes shopping in the town as we need some news glad rags for our night on the tiles. Saturday night saw myself, the wife and a few friends a having a good time on the Teesside Princess which is a boat which travels up and down the Tees (the nice parts), while you have a meal and a few drinks. We had a great time, and after this then we headed off into Middlesbrough town until the wee hours.

I didn’t go to crazy with the drink as on Sunday Morning I was up bright and early to do a sponsored walk up the Cleveland Hills to raise money for the Karate Club. I’ve done this before but this time we are raising the money so the club can go and train with Shingo Ohgami. The walk itself was good, it was a sunny nice day (if a little windy when we got to the top of the hill) so when we got to ‘Eston Nab’ at the top of the hills you could see for miles and miles. Redcar, Middlesbrough and Stockton all in clear view. I’ve uploaded pictures of the walk to my Facebook account.

On Monday the wife and I went shopping in the town again I went out a bought myself a nice new mobile phone, which I’ll tell you more about in another blog post.

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