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My New phone the Nokia E71
Posted on May 12, 2009 in Technology

It seems like I’ve not had a new phone in ages. I’m not sure how long I have my K810 but I know it is getting on a bit as it’s got a fair bit of ware and tear, and the battery life is now very low. I’ve also got through about half a dozen hands free kits while listening to music and podcasts using it, the Sony Erickson hands free kits seem to have a reoccurring problem with one of the speakers failing. Most importantly my current SIM in my phone doesn’t give me access to the internet which is obviously most unacceptable. So when I saw 3’s offer of the Nokia E71 with 200 minutes, 1GB Internet, and 4096 text messages a month for a meagre 20 quid last weekend, I snapped it up.

I’m so happy I did, as the phone is great. Let me tell you why, but remember I haven’t had new a top spec phone in years so some of my amazement at the phones features may make me look very dated.

First of all, is the Internet, as well as having 3G/3.5G Internet it has the ability to connect to my home wireless network, which means I’m always connected to the Internet while I’m at home. This combined with the Twitter, Instant Messenger and Facebook applications, means I’m can connected all of the time, even when I’m in bed or in the bath  (places that I would take the laptop).

Another great feature is the Qwerty keyboard. It’s great to have a proper keyboard on the phone, so I quickly type text messages or something on the internet without having to user predictive text. A phone with a Qwerty keyboard with lots of free text messages and’s update via text means I can update my status on my social networks as once, and very regular.

The phone also has a good Music Player which also has support for playing and downloading podcasts making it a great portable MP3 Player. Another useful music application is the Internet Radio, So now I can listen to SlayRadio, Radio6581 (I haven’t get SceneSat working as yet) and a number of other Internet radio stations live while on the go.

The final great feature I’ll mention is the built in GPS (Global Positioning System). I’ve downloaded Google Maps to use with it, so I’ve not got an excuse to ever get lost again.

The only problem I’ve had with the phone is Nokia’s typically horrible user interface (I’ve been spoilt by years of using Sony Ericsson great User Interfaces)

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