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The Aquatic Games on Jim’ll Fix It?
Posted on May 13, 2009 in Gaming
After the James Pond 2 Robocod post, I got a message from on Facebook asking “Remember also Aquatic Games?”
It’s a good question, although I didn’t own the game, I do remember The Aquatic Games, it was a underwater Olympics style game featuring James Pond.
The Interesting thing is this question awakened another Aquatic Games memory in my head in, a memory I’m not sure is 100% accurate. This  memory is seeing Aquatic Games being developed on a episode of Jim’ll Fix It.

A young lad wrote a letter to Jim alongs the lines of “Dear Jim, Can you fix it for me to be in a video game”. And thus the lad was swept of to Millennium Interactive (I guess beggars can’t be choosers) to help with development, and appear in a game. The young lad even got to meet and help Richard Joseph with the music.

So I am wondering did this really happen, or is just a trick of my ageing mind? Does anyone else have memories of this? I’ve done some research but the internet has been no help.


  1. says:

    Hi Glen

    Your brain does not deceive you… I went to school with the guy who was in that episode. He even got a cart made for him with his likeness in the game.

    Seeing Sir Jimmy Saville on TV reminded me of it, which led me to your post on the Internet, saying that the Internet didn’t know about it 🙂

  2. Michael says:

    Hi Glen,

    Your memory hasn’t let you down. I remember this episode. The young lad (can’t remember his name) was taken to the software house where his likeness was taken and put in to the game. He had to perform various jumps and movements for the game as well.

    The lad also had an insight in to how computer games are generally created from coding, graphics and music.

    At the end of the film in the studio, we saw the finished product of the young lad playing the game playing himself. I think the platform he was playing on was an Amiga, which was given to the young lad. I can’t remember if the BBC gave the gift to him or the software house, but he got an Amiga plus monitor as well as the game itself.

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