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Posted on Aug 18, 2009 in Blogging, Life

As you may have noticed I’ve not done much blogging recently, so to make up for it here is a massively long post (for me). I’ve been on a two week break from work ,as a usually do this time of year, and a few things have happened during this break.

First of all was Conor’s 10th Birthday. He had a nice birthday cake and loads of cards also and he got Wii Sport Resort  with two of those new Wii Motion Plus controllers and a lot of new books.

Conor and I have had great fun playing Wii Sports Resorts, but I’m a little annoyed that his random shaking of the Wii Motion Plus allows he to beat me in the Sword fighting every single time.

A couple of days after that it was my Birthday, I’ll skip over my age which I’ve decided to only count in hexadecimal in future.

As a treat to myself I purchased a collection of Retro Video Game albums from Ebay

Some absolutely brilliant stuff here, including the three Remix64 and Back in Time albums and others from Reyn Ouwehand and Makke. Conor took a liking to Karma 64 and asked for it be put in the car.

Now I’ve got all these albums I may even get around to doing that remixed c64 music radio show that I’ve been talking about for almost a year.

The present from my lovely family was rather awesome, being a Sony PRS-505 eBook Reader.

I’ve had loads of eBooks that I’ve want to read sitting on my PCs hard drive for years, but I haven’t been able to read them because I find it very difficult to read a book from a computer screen so this is the prefect present for me. The reader now has a brand new 4GB SD card with a load of interesting books on it.  I’ve already finished a few books from it, it’s very easy to use and I’m very happy with it.

Another birthday to happen in the last two weeks was this Blogs Birthday. It had it’s 8th Birthday on the 8th August, so here’s to another 8 years of sparely posting.

Also during those two weeks holiday, we’ve had a few days out,the nice of which was a trip to Whitby. It was the only place I remembered to take any pictures. I’ve seemed to have got out of habit of taking my proper digital camera out with me everywhere I go, which is quiet a change around for me.

One place I will have my Digital Camera with me, is York this Saturday night. It’s a bit of busy Weekend for me, as I’ve got a Stag Night to fit around a four day summer Karate course.  I will be training on Thursday and Friday Night, training on Saturday morning, then jumping on the train to York for the stag night, and then on Sunday morning I shall be taking the train back from York in time to see the final half day of the course which will have Kata and Kumite Competitions.


  1. Scribbler says:

    Oooh, is that two speccy ones I spy at the front?

  2. Glen McNamee says:

    Yup, those are the special CD Editions of the Podcast “One Man and his Mic”

    I think I sent you a link to the AY-3-8912 or Spec-Tacular Show, when it came out.

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