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Making Terrible Music
Posted on Aug 20, 2009 in c64, Music

Recently I have again been playing about with a composing and remix music. Creating music is a hard and frustrating experience especially when, like me, you have a very limited talent for it.  However I was over the moon when I saw the Crap Remix Compo over at Remix64’s forum as it seemed right up my proverbial street (I live on a road). The idea of the the competition is to intentionally create bad music, a cover/remix of an existing Commodore 64 tune, but the twist is to make it so bad it’s funny.

This is actually much harder than it sounds, but after playing around a while with a few different tunes, I managed to do this to the Commando title tune (with apologies to Rob Hubbard)


I think it is both terrible and pretty funny, and I’m quiet proud of it in a strange sort of way.  It was recently played on the Anna Black Anorak on Slay Radio to a great response.

I may even try to create another one.


  1. Rob says:

    Great tune I like it, its like a funky mobile tune. Well done Glen.

  2. Anna~B says:

    Please do it again… I want to play another one!

  3. Glen McNamee says:

    I wonder if Rob is serious.

    I’m working on it Anna, but I need help with it, so I’m waiting for someone else to get back to me.

  4. […] A while a go I made some deliberately bad remixes of Commodore 64 music for Remix64’s Crap Remix Compo and lately I’ve been playing with Windows Live Movie Maker so I thought I would combine the two and make some crap video for the crap remixes. […]

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