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40 Things to do Before I’m 40
Posted on Sep 29, 2009 in 40 Things

In the fine tradition of Scribbler’s before I’m 30, Noscenes’s before I’m 45 and the Wallet’s 30 things to do before KG is 30 I’ve decided to set myself a list of forty goals to complete before I hit the age of forty years old, which is in a mere 2136 days time

You can view the goals on the 40-things page, and follow my progress in this blog  using the 40 things tag. I shall be providing the first update in about a months time. So let’s see how well I do and how long I keep this one going for.


  1. vornn says:

    That’s a lot of things to do in 5 years.

    I looked at things a few years ago and decided that I needed to do something, so I resolved that I would do something new every year.

    since then, i’ve learned to plat the bass guitar, I’ve read the wikipedia article of the day every day, got a little fitter (just a little) and started a family.

    good look with this, I may try some of them myself.

    : )

  2. Glen McNamee says:

    Thanks Vornn. I like the sound of reading a wikipedia article of the day every day.

    Regarding the number of goals, there is a lot, but I think if I’m going to set long terms Goals I should be ambitious with them. Even if only some of them are succesful I feel I will have achieved a lot.

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