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Posted on Sep 3, 2009 in Podcasts

podcastsRecently, outside work and my real life, I’ve been trying to catch up with my outstanding items. These come in three favours email, RSS feeds and podcasts. In the last few days I’ve managed to get both my email and RSS items down into single figures. The podcasts have been a different story, I had subscribed to so many podcasts, that I had hundreds of episodes to listen before I could catch up. So I’ve took drastic action and severely reduced my subscription to podcasts.

Here are five of my favourite Podcasts that I still subscribe to.

The c64 takeaway

The show that started it all, this is the podcast that introduced me to the world of podcasting. Produced and Hosted by Jan Lund Thomsen, the brains behind It’s a semi-regularly (with the emphasis on the semi) dispensed dose of music from and inspired by the Commodore 64.

The Box Room

This is a recent discovery. Presented by Marty (That Bloke) and Jen (the Token Female), it’s all about Film, TV, Sci-Fi, the world, and generally anything geeky. Interesting, challenging, charming and fun are just a few of the words I would use to describe this podcast. It’s has become a must listen for me.

It also as a community of regular contributors, and even I sent in some feedback.

The InsideOutcast

From regular Box Room contributors David and Brandi comes the InsideOutcast (which is an awesome name) this talks about Muppets, Nerds, Goths, Spies, growing up in Utah, death on Sesame Street, and lots of the other stuff.  Sometime very personal always very funny.

Iain Abernethy

A Karate podcast, primary dealing with the practical application of Kata, but other touches on other subject such as martial art history and goal setting.

SLAY Radio Live Show Archive

Not really a podcast, but a chance to download shows from Slay Radio that I have missed or ones I  just want to hear again.

I listen to a few more podcasts than those listed above, but they are on similar theme to what has already been mentioned. I may cover these others in future when I get my outstanding listen down to a manageable level and start subscribing to new podcasts again.

Leave some feedback.

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