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40 Things Q4 2009 Update
Posted on Nov 4, 2009 in 40 Things

Right, it’s time for the first 40 Things update. These things are a nightmare to write. So from now on, I’ll only be doing a full update every quarter year. I will however provide updates on individual goals as they get updated.

This being the first update there isn’t a lot of progress anywhere, but there is some clarification of the goals themselves.

  1. Jump out of an Aeroplane – (0% Complete)
  2. Wow this is expensive. £330.00 for a Free Fall Package! This one can wait a while, will probably do it as part of the next item at some point.

  3. Raise 1000 pounds for charity – (00.5% Complete)
  4. 50 odd quid raised so far with a Charity Walk. An Absiel for charity in December is coming next.

  5. Bungee Jump – (0% Complete)
  6. A Bungee jump can also be done as part of the raising money for charity thing, so no rush for this one just yet.

  7. Go Skiing – (0% Complete)
  8. I’m in no Rush to going Skiing either.

  9. Learn to Surf – (0% Complete)
  10. I’ll need to sort out a trip to some where warm before doing this one, I’d like to learn on a sun drenched beach somewhere rather than somewhere on the North-East coast.

  11. Become a black belt in Karate – (70% Complete)
  12. I am currently a 3kyu Brown Belt in Wado-Kai, I might make this before I’m 40 but it won’t be easy.

  13. Have a piece of writing published – (0% Complete)
  14. Need to keep practicing writing, I’m a long way from this goal at the moment.

  15. Perform stand-up comedy – (0% Complete)
  16. The temptation is to fine some obscure Comedy Club miles away from here on Open Mic night, but I think I’ll need to do a bit of perpartion first.

  17. Dye my hair blonde – (0% Complete)
  18. I’ve talked about doing this one for years. I need some special events as an excuse, also the wife is not keen on this one at all.

  19. Buy a House – (0% Complete)
  20. Hah! Moving on….

  21. Get out of debt – (0% Complete)
  22. 3 Years of the car loan left, and a little bit of credit card debt. However Christmas is coming.

  23. Learn to cook, properly. – (0% Complete)
  24. The wife was over the moon when she saw this goal. I think I’ll defer this one until after Christmas.

  25. Go to New York – (0% Complete)
  26. Hah! Moving on….

  27. Get Teeth straightened – (0% Complete)
  28. I’ve got a form for the dentist, got a feeling this one will cost a lot of time, money and pain.

  29. Have lazek surgery on my eyes – (0% Complete)
  30. Will be getting my perscription checked in the new year. Will look into this them.

  31. Get a nose job – (0% Complete)
  32. Wow plastic surgery is expensive, crazy money just for a consultancy.

  33. Learn a foreign language – (0% Complete)
  34. I’ll be surprised if I get as far picking an Language. Hindi or Mandarin might be useful from a business point of view.

  35. Run a marathon – (0% Complete)
  36. I’ve not ran anything over 1km in years. I need to get back on the treadmill and get those legs working again.

  37. Do 100 push ups, 200 sit-ups, and 20 pull-ups in a single session. – (17% Complete)
  38. So my record is about 40-5-0. I currently don’t anything to do pull ups on.

  39. Sort out a proper diet, so I eat many different health foods – (0% Complete)
  40. I’ve been investigating this, this will be done with the Learn to cook goal.

  41. Have 10% or less body fat – (0% Complete)
  42. I Really need to get my Body Fat Monitor fixed, and find out what my current body fat is.

  43. Arrange a big party or event – (0% Complete)
  44. I have an event in mind, but it’s not for a while yet.

  45. Make A Will – (0% Complete) <
  46. Don’t really need to worry about this yet, as I don’t have enough of an estate to require a Will.

  47. Go back into education and a qualification. – (0% Complete)
  48. The logical step would be get an ITIL V3 qualification. I should really do that.

  49. Run a successful website. – (0% Complete)
  50. hah! Sore point at the moment. Will be a clear picture in the new year.

  51. Produce a Podcast/Internet Radio Show. – (0% Complete)
  52. I’ve go no excuse for not having done this yet. All I really need to do is set up my mic.

  53. Learn to Dance properly. – (0% Complete)
  54. Properly like proper dance lessons from a proper dance instuctor.

  55. Meet some of my heroes. – (0% Complete)
  56. This is hard because I’ve have a small amount of heroes and they are not your normal heroes.

  57. Go to a music festival. – (0% Complete)
  58. The big question is, do I count Middlesbrough Music live? I think not, as that would be too easy.

  59. Set up a real retirement savings plan. – (0% Complete)
  60. I have a personal pension plan, but I would like to set up my own saving plans. Need to sort out a joint new bank account first.

  61. Put myself on the bone marrow transplant donor list. – (0% Complete)
  62. First step is to start giving blood again.

  63. Read all of the BBC Top 100 reads – (9% Complete)
  64. I’ve read nine of these and I’ve got some of these books already on my ebook reader. Have just started to read His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman

  65. Speak in front of a large audience. – (0% Complete)
  66. I have no idea, moving on.

  67. Scuba Dive. – (0% Complete)
  68. Waiting for that holiday in the sun.

  69. Learn to play an instrument. – (0% Complete)
  70. Does Guitar Hero Count? Joking aside it would be cool to learn how to play some songs of the Guitar.

  71. See the northern lights. – (0% Complete)
  72. Waiting for the hoilday in cold.

  73. Sleep under the stars/Go camping. – (0% Complete)
  74. Another one I’m in no hurray to do.

  75. Have backstage passes at a big show. – (0% Complete)
  76. No idea….

  77. Go to an international sporting event. – (0% Complete)
  78. Maybe some of the Olympics ?

  79. Join a Gym. – (0% Complete)
  80. Been on my list for four years, will stay on there for a while yet.

I told you it was a nightmare. If you made it through all that I shall reward you with this little fact I’m 2.18975 complete with 2100 days to go.


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  2. Boomka says:

    Here’s the deal Glen I understand you are a lil behind on some of your goals. And I don’t know you, but heavy drinking will help a lot of them. Looking for preparation for standup? A couple of shots of tequila sounds like good prep. Meet some of your heros? A lot easier if your drunk. Sleeping under the stars? You’d sleep under a dumpster with the right amount of booze! But seriously, I think that’s a great list. I’ll help you tackle these. OK so guy get the beer already!

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