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Christmas 2009
Posted on Jan 4, 2010 in Books, Life

I’ve not written a proper personal post in a while. I chose to blame twitter, like Pete says in his Twitter is Shit Post,  it certainly can seriously damage your blog output. Anyway, take the following post as my apologies.

Today was my first day back at both work and Karate after a nice two week Christmas Holiday. This was my first time I’d taken holidays over Christmas for four years. It was nice having two weeks off, and I’m thinking it would be good to do this again next years.

We had a nice Christmas, Conor’s big present this year was a Playstation 3 and several games, however like we did with his Wii a couple of years ago we left this present until last. He was over the moon with it and the games that came with it.

Little Big Planet is the game he has wanted since it came out, and is the main reason we got him the console. It pretty much is the perfect game for him, so much so it couldn’t have been created with him in mind, he just loves spending hours making up his own levels. Lego Rock Band is great fun, and I must say rocking out while playing Ghostbusters and Final Countdown on an plastic guitar (on the easy level) is an experience everyone that should partaken in at least. EyePet is one of those virtual pets things, but thanks to the PS EyeCam it looks like it’s in your room next to you, a find it very annoying but he likes it.

Now if you are worrying about the poor old Wii, don’t as it isn’t getting Neglected as he also got the New Super Mario Brother Wii, which he has been playing with his mother. I’ve avoid playing it with them so far, as I don’t think the neighbours should have to listen to three people arguing over who should have got that mushroom.

Speaking of the Wii, I got the new Wii Fit Plus and some other Wii Fit related items, including Yoga mat, wrist bands and a pedometer.This will help in the new year, as a soon to be finished blog post will reveal.

Anyway, I’ve got a few pictures of some of the presents I was lucky enough to recieve (and probably not deserve) this year. This little fella was a present that will help keep my desk and PC clean.

I also got the following books from my Amazon wish list.

and these books as they were on sale in WHSmiths.

I’ve lost my thread a bit, however this post is now large enough to post, so it will have to do. In summary Christmas Holidays are good.

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