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January 2010 so fat.
Posted on Jan 25, 2010 in Books, Gaming, Life

You know what? Writing blog posts is rubbish, it’s such a bloody chore that I’ve got about 425 things I’d rather do, including wash the dishes, and that’s without really thinking about it, I could come up a few thousand more things I would rather do if I thought about it for another minute or so.

However, since I’m upset over Scribbler not updating mercuryvapour (and deleting a load of old posts) it would hypocritical of me not to do a proper personal blog post once in a while.

“So, what has happened since I last did a proper update?” I hear none of you ask. Well the answer is if you are bothered to read on the following is (in no particular order);

Built a Snowman

As the country ground to it’s annual halt because of a little snow earlier this month, I happy plodded along working from home. However as the old saying goes; When God gives you Lemons snow, you squeeze them in that fuckers eyes make snowmen.


Note the hat (mine) and the six pack (not mine).

Upgraded the PC

I finally ordered new parts for the Desktop PC as I’d manage to scrape up enough money and because the old parts were so knackered the PC was crashing to a Blue Screen of death on a daily basis.

New PC Bits

The PC build (and reinstall of Windows 7) was as easy as Lemon Pie (like they say, when God gives you Lemons, you squeeze them in that fuckers eyes make Lemon Pie) the only slightly problem was my complete ignorance of the existence of SATA power cables. I had to pop out to computer shop to buy one, which was pretty stupid as later when examining my spares box, I found I three of them. I just didn’t know what they were when I put them in there.

PC runs like a dream now, I can actually have more than four tabs open in Chrome without the PC breaking down like a Eurostar train in a winter snowfall.

Read some books

Got a started on my Christmas books by reading through Charlie Brooker’s Screen Burn, which is laugh out loud funny (a rare thing for me), The Twenty Guiding Principles of Karate and Eric Bischoff’s Controversy Creates Cash, which I download read on the ebook reader (it still gets used, and I still love it) after watching Bischoff and Hogan’s return to Monday Night Wrestling with TNA.

I’m currently reading Charlie Brooker’s Dawn of the Dumb, and it’s every bit as funny Screen Burn.

Sort out my New years Resolutions

I’ve sorted out a my New years Resolutions for this year, they are the usual goals (stop being fat, do some work, have a life, etc), but this year I’m going to be smarter (no pun intended SMART goal fans), I’ve broken these goals into Monthly and Weekly targets which are documented and updated on a weekly basis. I’m also having a weekly meetings with a friend in which discuss, track and verbally commit to our weekly goals.

Also as mentioned previously the ObscureInternet forum, is has new a lose weight and get fit subforum, which is going very well at the moment.

Played Saints Row 2 on the PS3 far to much

I went out bought a game for the PS3 that I could play, this games was Saints Row 2 as it was a cheap and came highly recommended from my friends at the insideoutcast podcast. It’s definitely a lot of fun, and I’ve managed to knocked up almost 50 hours playing time in the last month alone.

Did some boring Internet stuff

I’ve done a fair amount of blogging this month, this will be my twenty post which is probably a new record for this blog, (look in up in the Archive, I can’t be arsed to). Last months myleene-klass-and-jonathan-shalit-are-full-of-shit post got an amazing response. It had a recording number of readers, was retweeted a lot, and was linked to by some pretty great blogs. I may do more of these ranting about real world stuff in future.

I’ve discovered Windows Live Writer, which I’m using to write this post. The drag and drop features are superb for things like images, and I imagine I will be using this a lot for future ObscureInternet posts.

Speaking of ObscureInternet, I’m still working on a new design, and looking at kicking off with some new articles shortly.

Nowt else interesting.

So that’s pretty much what I’ve been getting up to since new year, dull isn’t it. I’ll just rap this up by saying this post took about a day to write, so I hope you enjoy it.

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