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Looking back on 2009
Posted on Jan 6, 2010 in Life

Like I did this time last year, I have been looking back over the last twelve months of my life to see what has changed.

It’s been a very dull year, and so disappointingly I’ve come to conclusion that did last year, what was that very little has changed and I have not made any significant progress in a many areas of my life.  For this to happen two years in a row is a very very bad thing.

All these things must change in 2010!

The progress I made in 2008 with Fitness, was pretty much destroyed last year,  and thus I’ve gained quite a bit of weight and I am in much worse shape and fitness that I was a year ago.

The only highlights of this completely unremarkable year that I can remember include;

  • Starting 40 Things to do before I’m 40.
  • Starting to really use Twitter effectively and got in contact with some great people.
  • Visted Legoland (again).
  • Blogged more with Music Monday, Courage Wolf Wednesday, and Weekend Links post.
  • Got my voice on a podcast.
  • Both my sister and mother moving back home to Middlesbrough.
  • Going to a couple of weddings, included that of my good friend Anthony Putson.
  • Conor being on the Radio

Finally here is 2009 in somewhat random photos.

All these things must change in 2010!

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