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ObscureInternet Secret Santa 2009
Posted on Jan 2, 2010 in Life

The Holiday season saw the third annual Secret Santa and again this year I was greeted with a great and obscure selection.

The first gift was a bounty mini. No picture of this is available, as it has been eaten by my wife as I’m not to keen on coconut. Next was a dodgy copy of Sega Rally for the X-Box 360 (This one was a little odd, as people on the forum know, I had an unchipped X-Box for about a month before I sold it).

Then some 3-D glass  for Toy Story Mania,

a nature activites book,

and finally a copy of Stuff Magazine. I had not read this before, but found it to be full of interesting stuff, like the fact that my little old Nokia E71 was voted third best smartphone of the year.

I also recently received these, not as part of secret Santa, but as a gift from a friend who has recently return from the far east. I thought I would share.

I do hope we have another Secret Santa in 2010 as I do enjoy send and receiving these, and if you haven’t before have a look at the previous Secret Santa’s for 2007 and 2008.

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