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A New Blog and Lent Progress.
Posted on Feb 23, 2010 in Life

A couple of things for you, firstly I’ve got a new blog called  crappyremix about my progress towards deliberately making some of the worst c64 Remixes ever.

Secondly a little update my lent fasting.

  • Tea – I’ve stuck to having only one cup of Tea at breakfast time. This is a major achievement for me.
  • Fizzy Pop – Not touched any pop despite being teased by Cherry Lucazade a couple of times
  • Sweets/Chocolate – Had a one little sweet, as I forgot I was off them, but other than that nothing.
  • Downloading Crap – This one hasn’t gone so well. I wanted to keep the downloading to the weekend, but haven’t managed it.
  • Naughty Films – I never would touch such evil things anyway, so no problem.
  • Staying up Late – Doing well with this have gone to bed early (by my usually standards) every night.
  • Chips – Had some in the Town on Saturday, well nobody is prefect.

The family has been supportive, and by supportive I mean they’ve been asking me to make Tea and sending me to shop to buy them chocolate.


  1. Stormkeeper says:

    Ah family, where would we be without their suppport?

  2. Glen McNamee says:

    Exactly. Although this week they did bring me back Arkham Asylum for this the PS3 from the shops while I slept off a hangover.

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