Glen McNamee
Clean up Time (Subtune 1)
Posted on Feb 26, 2010 in Crappy Remixes

My third remix was based on Karl Hörnell’s Clean Up Time (Subtune 1). I was inspired to remix this track after hearing Boz playing this on his BBB show on SlayRadio and as I’d promised Anna Black another crappy remix for her Anorak show the following Monday, I quickly knocked this one up.

I usually like to change the notes about in a crappy remix, so it sounds comically out of tune, that was difficult to do with this remix, as when a changed the notes it was almost impossible to notice. So I added some really basic slightly of time drums (inspired by many a poor Amiga MOD using ST-01 sounds) and that strange vocal sample, which again was found on the internet.

Ok, you are now fully up to date with my crappy back catalogue.

Links: Clean Up Time (Subtune 1) by c64glen

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