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Pancakes and Lent 2010
Posted on Feb 17, 2010 in Life

PancakesIt’s the time of year that Christians, and a few non-believers like myself, indulge a large amount of pancakes and then see if they can give up something they like for forty days.

I have no shortage of things to give up for, and I’ve even been given some suggestions (shared by the person named in the brackets)

  • Tea – Well I can’t give up Tea completely, but I could try and cut it down to one cup a day.
  • Fizzy Pop (John) – I don’t drink pop that often, so I’ll go for this.
  • Sweets/Chocolate – I have the occasional Chocolate, but I can go without.
  • Downloading Crap – Will I can’t go with downloading my crap, but I can keep it to the weekends.
  • Naughty Films – I never would touch such evil things anyway.
  • Staying up Late – Yeah, I need to knock the late nights on the head anyway
  • Chips (pramblingpaul) – Well, they are very bad for me, so why not?
  • Internet/Computer (darren) – Absolutely no chance.
  • Sarcasm (matthewthompson) – Again absolutely no chance (I did try, but only lasted a few hours)
  • Procrastination (Bill) – I wish I could give this one up.
  • Cheese (lonewolfrepose) – Why? I like cheese to much to give it up, also it’s in most of the stuff I eat.
  • Transformers (jim) – They are all boxed up and hidden away anyway. I think the terrible films ruined them for me.
  • Pointless exercises in self improvement that last a few days under a religious justification. (Pete) – NEVER!!!

So I’m giving up a few things and reducing some others. Lets see how long this lasts, do you think I will be able to manage the full 40 days for any of them?

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  1. lwr says:

    I was going to say air… but I thought that would be mean =(

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