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Posted on Mar 9, 2010 in Life

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me, but when don’t I always say that? Well, this time it is especially true.  I’ve been traveling the country with work again, this time to City of Norwich. There is a big possibility of more trips in the future. Of course with more trips comes more works, but it beats the alternative.

I spent most of my time on the train (It’s a five hour, three train tip) and in the office, so I didn’t get much a chance to check Norwich itself out, but it seems nice enough. I was staying in the Holiday Inn Norwich City which is actually in the corner of Norwich’s football stadium, but I got a room facing the road rather than the pitch, not that there was any football on that night anyway.

I’ve also been productive at home.  I’ve got up with my email, facebook, and twitter messages.thanks in part to threadsy a snazzy little program which gives you access to all of them from one page. This means I’ve got up with a load of outstanding task and I can spend a bit more time on ObscureInternet. Which I’ve been advertising again thanks to a free Google Adwords voucher.

Finally, I’m it’s the four week of lent so a little update my fasting.

  • Tea – I’ve stuck to having only one cup of Tea at breakfast time. This is still a major achievement for me.
  • Fizzy Pop – Had a single glass of Coke with a meal while I was out today.
  • Sweets/Chocolate – None since the last update.
  • Downloading CrapFAILED! This one was just too hard.
  • Naughty Films – I never would touch such evil things anyway, so no problem, especially as the hotel didn’t have wireless.
  • Staying up Late – Still going to bed early every night.
  • ChipsFAILED!  Let’s forget about this one.

There is still ages to go. Lent 40 days not including Sundays, you figure it out.

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