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Lent 2010 Results
Posted on Apr 4, 2010 in Life

It’s Easter Sunday which means that Lent is now over so here’s the results of my Lent fasting;

  • Tea – Successfully reduced my Tea consumption down to one cup a day. Will continue do keep it down to one cup a day.
  • Fizzy Pop (John) – Had about three drinks, two of them sugar free. Will stick to sugar free in future.
  • Sweets/Chocolate – Went completely with out Chocolate, but will allow one bit per week.
  • Downloading Crap – I downloaded lots of crap.
  • Naughty Films – I never would touch such evil things anyway and therefore there was no change.
  • Staying up Late – Did well with this until the last two weeks when I had trouble sleeping.
  • Chips (ramblingpaul) – had one portion of chips per week. Will be sorting a diet out soon.

I think I can call this Lent pretty successful. Hopefully I can keep this up.

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  1. Stormkeeper says:

    I could do with having a cup of tea a day myself; too much tea means I make frequent bathroom trips! I’ve always allowed myself no more than once a week to have fast food (2 for special occasions) though even then I don’t always have it! For the most part though, I do see it as at least one definite meal I’m getting a week though I couldn’t have it every day as it’d be bad for my health >.>

    As for not sleeping late… I can’t regulate my sleeping patterns for long (much like my blogging patterns actually), so fair play for actually being able to do this; I certainly couldn’t!

    Congrats on a successful Lent overall though 🙂

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