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Middlesbrough’s BNP candidate’s missing Tweets
Posted on Apr 22, 2010 in Politics

I was hoping for more fun today with Middlesbrough’s Hilariously Insane BNP candidate Michael Ferguson, and boy did I get it, at first he was posting stuff so mental I began to doubt the legitimacy of the account again. However, later in the day he started to delete some of more extreme tweets before going on to delete his full account.

Here some highlights of his posts before he deleted the account.

First off, we get a Lib Dem scary story as it’s very fashionable today. I would have though this sort of bill would actually increase the BNP vote.

Wow, this one is a gold mine of spelling errors and wishful thinking, also a spooky reference to ‘The Final Solution’ and Nick Griffin in the same sentence.

This bizarre allegation comes out of nowhere, and is one the tweets that would be deleted soon after being posted, as obviously tweeting this sort of thing breaks election commission rules.

The other post to be quickly deleted is this nutty put on your tin foil hat New World Order tweet. Remember this guy thinks he should be elected to parliament.

Here is one from yesterday that I missed out. If you ingore in the hideous ‘Human Trash’ remark and look at the texted I’ve highlighted  at the end, you’ll see it’s says 88. Which is a nasty little BNP code.

The number 88 refers to the eighth letter of the alphabet, HH – the German Nazi greeting Heil Hitler.

All these tweets are now deleted and Micheal will probably claim that he never made any of them, however looking at  his facebook page it has something that looks very familiar.

Same batshit crazy text, same inablity to spell (including my favourite from yesterday, cuscus).

You can find more pictures of his tweets at the One Million United Official Blog

So ends the tweets of Middlesbrough BNP PPC, it’s a sad day for all his fans, but hopefully the local paper will advise Middlesbrough’s offline voters what Michael has been saying online and so they can make an informed choice come May 6th.

EDIT: People from Teesside with Facebook accounts should join this group.


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  2. Ed says:

    Nice one Glen! Send the one about Gordon Brown into the cops and land the BNP with a lawsuit! lol

  3. r10t3r says:

    I’m actually taken aback. ‘Final Solution’…does this guy have any idea what that entailed? He expects to win votes by actively associating himself with mass murder, genocide and by making libellous comments. Beyond insane..

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