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Missing a few BNP related things.
Posted on Apr 23, 2010 in Politics

Sadly it looks like Middlesbrough’s Evening Gazette has chosen not to inform the people of Teesside about BNP candidate Michael Ferguson’s behaviour on Twitter (Part 1, Part 2), or at least the haven’t yet.

Another thing that appears to missing  is, any trace on the BNP’s Candidate for Middlesbrough South (my constituency) Shaun Gatley. So far I have had no election material posted from him, and I’ve material from every candidate except Nicholas Emmerson of the Lib Dems (get your finger out Nicholas). He has no Facebook group, no Twitter, no blog, and there is not even a mention of him on the bnpforcleveland blog.

This is the only mention of him I can find on the entire interwebs.

A nice opportunist post from Shaun there. However I think if you accuse the goverment of not being botherd the least you can do is be bothered to campaign.

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  1. […] but ulitmately disappointingly UKIP candidate Stewart Lightning came forth. Surprisingly the invisible Shaun Gatley of the racist BNP managed to beat the Independent Mike Allen who came very much last. The three […]

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