Glen McNamee
The Dishonest Taxpayers’ Alliance
Posted on Apr 25, 2010 in Politics

You’ve probably heard of the TaxPayers’ Alliance. They are a very successful campaign group, everyday reports from them is reported in the media often unchecked and repeated in full. This attack on Sure Start is good example of how they attack government spending for political purposes.

What you probably don’t know is that the alliance of conservatives funded by a handful of millionaire business who don’t pay their fair share of taxes and donate to the Conservative Party. All three of the group’s founders, and a number of TPA staff members have associations with the Conservative Party. It’s academic advisory council is a who’s who of the proponents of discredited Thatcherite policies, including Eamonn Butler and Madsen Pirie of the Adam Smith Institute, academics Patrick Minford and Kenneth Minogue, and former Institute of Directors policy head Ruth Lea.

The group campaings for transparency about tax, however it does not apply these rules to it’s own finances. No list of donors is available, it states only that all donations are from private sources.

This isn’t their only hypocrisy, the charitable arm of the Taxpayers’ Alliance – the Politics and Economics Research Trust – is under investigation by regulators after it was revealed that it had been claiming tax relief on donations received from wealthy backers, which were intended for the purposes of political research. This of course is illegal.

So next time you hear or read some news with information from the Taxpayers’ Alliance, have a think is what you are hearing really true or is it politically motivated?

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