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Posted on May 29, 2010 in Life

So many things have happened since my last proper post, and yet so few.

As you may have read (in my least popular posts of all time), I’ve started my diet. I haven’t had a hair cut, because I’m growing my hair (again) let see how long I go this time.

I’ve started a new Blog for my political writings,  and I’ve connected with some great new people because of this. Sadly I missed a night out with them because of my stupid diet detox. I’ve also taken my old karate blog out of hiding, I might countine to update it, but I’m making no promises.

Gaming wise both Conor and I have mostly Playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 online, as it’s a very good online game. I’ve also managed to finally play through Batman Arkham Asylum and I must say it’s an excellent game. I shall be replaying to get all the secrets I missed, and maybe even try my hand at the challenges

In real world news, the family had a quick visit to Ireland over the Bank Holiday weekend for my cousins wedding. Here’s a picture of the Happy Couple arriving at the Wedding, which was at Bundoran in the Republic of Ireland.

The Happy Couple arriving at the Reception

Recently Conor and I had free ticks to see the TFM Cash for Kids Charity Match at Middlesbrough FC’s Riverside Stadium. It featured the TFM Radio All Stars Team 2010 (I only reckonised Craig Hignett, Curtis Fleming, who hasn’t change a bit, and some turkey from Hollyoaks) against Macks Pride of Teesside Team from local company Macks Solicitors. The match wasn’t the greatest, but it the TFM All starts won on Penalties after it was 2-2 at full time (There was a very dodgy goal given for the Mack’s despite a blatant hand ball). Here’s a picture of my and Conor in the crowd somewhere…

Can you spot me in the crowd

Speaking of Conor he has had a busy time of it, he’s been away from home for an almost week long trip with school twice! Once to London, where he brought me back one of those ‘my son went to London and all I got was this lousy t-shirt’ things, and once to the Carlton Outdoor Education Centre. He’s also visited  Bemish Museum and Ormesby Hall on school day trips. The same day we went to the TFM match he had seen Prince Charles and got this Picture taken with Middlesbrough Mayor Ray Mallon and Middlesbrough FC Chairman Steve Gibson.

I wish my life was as interesting as his.


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