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Dennis Markuze Religious Nut Job
Posted on May 12, 2010 in Politics

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I’ve got some comment spam this morning, from the famous Dennis Markuze. He’s a famous Nostradamus nut job who has threatened to kill PZ Myers and all atheists.

He was posting a bit of barely readable silliness which I think was supposed to say that the Theory of Relativity proves that there is Christian god.

After a bit of investigation it looks like he is spamming any blog that belongs to an atheist. He must be using Mojoey’s Atheist Blogroll to pick his victims because I’ve never really posted about being an atheist.

Dropping Docs

Names: Dennis Markuze, Dave Mabus, davabus, dathesm, davidmabus, dmab, davmab11, atheismisdead, atheistwar3
Facebook ; main account, sock puppet accounts

Some entertaining reading;

Dennis Markuze -a.k.a. Dave Mabus: Internet Troll and Nutcase
The Mask of Nostradamus
Nostradamus Prophecies – USA

Freedom House and Liberty House
How we stopped Randi’s Million Dollar Challenge
Who the hell is David Mabus?
He even has his own T-Shirt


  1. shreddakj says:

    So I’m guessing the guy called davmab11 that posted a comment on my blog post from yesterday is this same guy? I’ve seen him post his nonsense on too. What a nutcase.

  2. scribbler says:

    Hmmm. He didn’t comment on my blog. I feel almost left out.

  3. Josh says:

    He’s moved on to include Christians whose work might be read by atheists: I saw him at Slacktivist recently.

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