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Diet Week 1 Part 1
Posted on May 20, 2010 in 40 Things, Fitness

For a long time I’ve been looking for a diet for a few reasons. I wanted a balanced diet that would tell me what and when to eat, as well has help me lose weight. It also had to be a Vegetarian, so I eventual found Rose Elliot’s Vegetarian Low-Carb Diet at the local library.

As the title suggests it’s a Low-Carb diet like the Aikens diet, but it’s hard mode as it’s Vegetarian too. So have an even smaller choice of foodstuffs. You can just eat stuff like Eggs, Salads, Dust and Cardboard.

Day 1 – Starting weight 162 Pounds.

First thing to do was weigh myself so, I got a starting weight 162 Pounds. These means I need to loose about 30lbs to hit my ideal weight. Although the internet has different ideas of what my ideal weight should be, it’s somewhere between 130lbs to 137lbs. Anyway plan B is I’ll know I’ve hit my weight when I’ve not got a big fat belly. My plan is to lose a pound a week and then I’ll be the correct weight for around Christmas.

Cooked myself Scrambled Eggs for breakfast. This was actually my first time making Scrambled Eggs, don’t laugh it’s true. Probably shouldn’t have gone to Karate, but I did anyway and it was OK.

Day 2 – 159 Pounds

Big weight loss this morning, that 1lb a week goal is looking a bit modest now. However I’ve been going through ketosis big time, suffering from headaches and tiredness.  I had plan to see Iron Man 2, but had to cancel as I could manage it.

Day 3 – 158 Pounds

Lost a 1lb this morning. This morning breakfast was an omelet, again this was my first time make an Omelet and again don’t laugh. Feeling a lot better today even managed to walk all the way back home from the Riverside Stadium in the evening.

Day 4 – 157 Pounds

Another a 1lb loss this morning, I’m not sure if I should be happy or slightly worried. Today’s egg based cooking was a devilled egg, but I just did three simple three boiled eggs (again for the first time, don’t laugh). Went to Karate training again tonight when I probably shouldn’t have, it was a very hard session and I felt light headed and very tired at various points.

So that’s a 5lb loss in four days, not bad. I suspect after that Karate session there will be another sizeable loss in the morning.

Edit: The diet is part of my 40 things Goals to reduce my Body Fat.

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