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Google Pac-Man cost Millions in work time? Did it Shit!
Posted on May 25, 2010 in Politics

Google Pac-Man
Today the internet is a buzz with a story of how Google’s Pac-Man front page, which celebrated 30 years since the launch of Pac-Man in Japan on 21st May,  has cost business Millions of  pounds. Of course it’s all utter bollocks.

Rescue Time looked browsing habits of 11,000 users, and then converted this to represent 504 million unique users.

Here’s where the figures start to fall down, at the first hurdle. The sample size this survey is 00.002% of the total user base. A figure so low could hardly be called representative.

They found Putting Pac-Man on the page boosted the time people viewed the page by an average of about 36 seconds. Extrapolating this up across the 504 million unique users who visit the main Google page day-to-day, this represents an increase of 4.8 million hours – equal to about 549 years.

This also makes the assumption that all these people had jobs, were at those jobs and they weren’t on a break.

In dollar terms, assuming people are paid $25 (£17.50) an hour, this equates to about $120m in lost productivity, the firm said.

Here’s is another massive assumption, 504 million people get paid $25 (£17.50) an hour. I’d love to live in that world, sadly I live in the real world where the average hourly wage (from Income and Poverty 2005 [pdf]. World Bank: United Nations Development Programme) works out a measly $4 an hour.

So they you go, utter crap from start to finish and I didn’t even go into the fact that playing Pac-Man for a few seconds may of cheered up those users at work (like me) and made the more effective for the rest of the day.

Screw these killjoys, and go play

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