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How you make your own crappy remix….
Posted on May 12, 2010 in Crappy Remixes

Anyone can create there own crappy c64 remix. All you have to do is follow these crappy steps.

  1. Go to HSVC and download the full collections of Commodore 64 SID music.
  2. Download a SID player to listen to these SIDs.
  3. Choose a SID to remix.
  4. Download and use SID2MIDI, convert to convert your chosen SID into a MIDI file
  5. Open up some Music Sequencer software
  6. Import the MIDI file you created earlier into your music software.
  7. Change the default MIDI instruments into some a little more interesting.
  8. Save the sequence as an MP3 file
  9. ????
  10. Profit
Congratulations you now have a completely off-key c64 minute remix!
For more info on SID2MIDI check this thread on the Remix64 forum.
For more info on available Music Sequencers check this wikipedia article Music_sequencer 

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